What does God want from us and what does He want us to know!

When asked this question, most christians are very vague. They will generally answer in terms of performance, works, obedience, holiness and service. You might get a few that say he wants us to love Him and love others, but when you ask them to explain what it means to love God and others, most return to a performance based answer, which is of course as the old analogy goes, to drag the horse before the cart.

In short, what God wants from us has nothing to do with what we do or don’t do, and everything to do with what He has done and will continue to do. When we focus on the doing rather than the source, we do not understand God as we should, or as He desires.

God has manifest His love towards us in the finality of His promises through the Son; that in Him He may love us without hindrance as one loves, nurtures, and cares for his own flesh; that we may be one mind, one heart, and one spirit; that we may experience what great love He has for us, and therefore manifest it to the world. God is our live-in Father, and we are one with Him. This is who and what we are. This is where our life comes from, our works, our obedience, our holiness, and our service.

Christ is our substance and our source, and He wants us to know it, to know Him.

Commentary by:
G.L. Miller


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