Life is in the Author not the scriptures!

Dusty old doctrines won’t produce life. Many pastors and teachers have all their external ducks in a row, blameless, husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, hospitable, etc; yet can’t seem to understand the essential principles of forgiveness and grace. Co-mingling law and grace, they set upon a course that bears no life. A prime example of this is the misuse of 1 John 1:9, which defies all sense of reason concerning the finality of the cross. The point being: head knowledge of the scriptures, or even obedience to the scriptures alone, apart from the empowering grace of God will not produce life. Divine revelation is a gift from God, administered by the grace of God to the humble. Spiritual blindness occurs when the grace of God is rejected or misunderstood. I Peter 5:5b
What is the problem?
Human Intellect
We are smarter than the average bear.
1 Cor. 3:18-23
We’ve always done it like this, taught like this.
Col. 2:8
Who are you that we should listen to you, don’t you know who we are?
3 John 1:9-10;
We are the anointed of God, special; we can do what we want, we have divine right.
Luke 22:24-27
We are it, we are loved, we are that ministry, we are nation wide.
Matt. 6:1-2
Dusty old doctrines combined with all of these!
Matthew 23:1-36
While the nation of Israel was busy playing religion, God accused them of being worse then the nations surrounding them. IS IT ANY WONDER?

Religion kills and dusty old doctrines won’t produce life. Only the Life-giver can produce life, and we must go to Him to get it. John 5:39-40; Col. 1:15-18

Commentary by:
G.L. Miller


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