Christians and the media!

Truth or fiction!
It amazes me to see how many Christians base their facts on one media source. It seems to me that God told us way back in the proverbs to get both sides of the story that we may come to a just conclusion. Proverbs 18:17. I’m also pretty sure that He said we have been given the mind of Christ, and with that said, I have to ask: ‘What in the world is going on?’
There are so many untruths being presented by the media in the name of God that it blows my mind. The neoconservative right-wing Christian mentality we see today, I’m convinced is a direct result of being under law. The law being the mechanism by which Satan drives his agenda; which of course the politically astute foster in order to win the trust of the so-called faithful. This praise the Lord pass the ammunition, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, imperialistic theology is born of darkness rather than light, and reeks of greed, bigotry, hatred, and unforgiveness.
I realize that what I am about to say is brutal, so I would ask that you search your hearts that you may see the logos, the logic of God and the love He has for His creation. Folks, our heads are not hat racks, they are the seat of our intellect, and if we be in Christ that’s a phenomenal thing! Or at least it should be. Yet most of the conversations I have with Christians concerning the world around us seem about as shallow as a two inch grave, and smell likewise; the blatant disregard for humanity as a whole is frightening. Their only basis for true justice being found in the rights and morals of the United States of America, which they are more than ready to defend to their death.
I believe the questions we must ask ourselves are these- Are we men and women of God, or are we American Christians? Are we sold out to our Lord and King and what He commanded, or are we driven to and fro by every wind of doctrine according to the cunning craftiness of men?
I know this is hard core but it needs to be said. Lord knows we are rapidly approaching horrific times; times in which the faithful will be called to shine as lights. I realize that the common belief among Christians today is that we will escape these things due to the rapture, and I pray we will; however, I believe it’s important to remember that although God said we would escape His wrath, He said nothing about escaping the wrath of man; which of course history will proclaim as we rapidly approach world war III.
In conclusion, if you want to know the truth, which by the way is at least part our responsibility, you must seek out multiple sources. Corporate media alone won’t suffice. You must seek out alternative sources. Learn to follow the money so that you know who is paying for the ad, in other words the story. In so doing, you may at least catch a glimpse of the agenda being proposed. And if you really desire some good truthful revelation, pick up some dusty old history books and read them in conjunction with God’s word; because nothing will show us the contemporary better then studying the past. Cry out to God for wisdom, read some valid old history, use multiple media sources, follow the money, and I guarantee that God will speak to you loud and clear, and you will know the truth. If we are unaware of what is true or false, how do we know which one we are supporting?
I know you are probably asking yourselves, ‘Isn’t this the same man who’s been writing all this beautiful stuff about the grace of God?’, and I say you bet it is. The grace of God is not willy nilly. The grace of God is powerful. It’s what raises a man or woman beyond circumstance, beyond the status quo, that they may rule and reign with Him in truth. I’m not talking political agendas here, I’m talking about the stranger, the poor, the widow, the fatherless, the prisoner, I’m talking about Jesus. Matt. 25:40
God is good, and He loves us so much. Let’s be bold and give of ourselves to give it away. Amen!

Jeremiah 20:7-13

Commentary by:
G.L. Miller

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