Love letter!

Hey folks! I’ve written some pretty rough stuff this past week, and I want you to know that if you don’t understand, that’s fine. Because if you don’t understand, it wasn’t written for you, it was written to those that should but don’t. The main thing is Jesus Christ, and this site is about Him; His love, His power, and His wisdom. All of which He desires to share with you. And with that said:
If you are lonely, and you think that no one cares, I can assure you that God does. And if you’ve cried out to Him, and you think He’s not listening, please write us and just maybe we can help you hear His voice. God is not mad at you; He’s seeking you; desiring to love you and make Himself known to you that you may be healed! He knows how tough this life can be, and He wants us to have peace in Him. He wants to take us up in His arms, and guide us and lead us through the storms. He wants to hold us when we cry and make mistakes, and not push us away. He is our Father, He is everyone’s Father, and He is always near, ready to receive those who call on Him. And His answer will always be Yes! His voice being, ‘You don’t know how long and how patiently I have waited for you just to love you!’ True story!
If you would like to hear more, or if you have any questions, please write and let me and my wife share God’s love with you. We’d be honored; we like to be loved too!

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