Called to support truth!

When it is brought to our attention that a particular pastor or denomination in which we are involved is in biblical error, we should not support that error by attempting to remain silent or neutral. When an individual gives us warning with sufficient proof of biblical error, we must support the camp that supports truth, and be willing to confront the issue. If we are unwilling to confront the issue, we are not only injuring those being taught in error, but the messenger of truth himself; therefore, weakening the body of Christ.
This travesty is so prevalent that it has become the norm among many Christian circles today. The fact that someone would be bold enough to say, “Hey, this is wrong! God’s word doesn’t say that!’ just blows people’s minds. Trampling their comfort zone and ruining their over zealous trust in man. The fact that God’s word says what it says, and means what it means seems to make little difference to these folks; as long as we don’t upset the apple cart, everything is fine.
The fact of the matter is; that everything is not fine. The attitudes expressed above are born of the flesh, and are not consistent with the head which is Christ, in whom all things were created and exist, which of course includes the church. When we are not supporting the truth, what are we supporting? Are we walking by faith when we do not support someone who is telling us the truth?
The saddest part of this whole affair is when a particular group or congregation resorts to accusing the bearer of truth of being divisive, immature, or worse yet, of being down right heretical; thus alienating him from the fellowship of the so called saints. Unfortunately this happens a lot with the issue of law and grace. I myself have been accused of these things on more than one occasion simply for telling people they are no longer under law but grace.
Footnote: I want to tell everyone right now, that the aforesaid behaviors are an abomination to the Lord, and if you are reading this and feeling guilty because you’ve acted this way, know this; that God has forgiven you, but go now and support your brother and sister; go now and support the truth. Stop killing the prophets!

Proverbs 25:19, 26

Commentary by:
G.L. Miller

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