Jesus is not religious!

We hear a lot today about fighting for our rights. The religious community is on fire concerning President Obama’s most recent position; the fact that religious institutions and personal business owners will be required inadvertently to provide via their insurance companies contraceptives, as well as, prenatal care to their employees. Their main contention is a violation of conscience; the secondary issue being a violation of the constitution, i.e. their 1st amendment rights. The first issue deals with the fact that they would inadvertently be enabling abortion. The secondary issue being that of a loss of so-called God given rights.
However the bible is very clear regarding the ministry of the saints. The only right we have as Christians is to walk by faith in Christ in an expression of His love.  Jesus did not fight for His rights! In fact though He was God, He held us in greater esteem then Himself; and He went to the cross to prove it. Jesus did not come to change nations, or even people for that matter. He came to give man spiritual life!
Maybe if we got that part straight, we would affect the world around us with the love of Christ that they could turn to Him and be saved. Changed by His amazing love, rather than being beat down by our religious rules and bickering. When we are worried about our conscience being violated, who are we really concerned with? Ourselves…or the poor unsaved person we are supposed to be loving? That’s the problem with fighting for ones rights; it always points to self!
Commentary by:
G.L. Miller

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