Why should we care?

Since the Lord has shown me that my head is not just to be used as a hat rack, and that truth about life on planet earth can be told outside of pastorialship, and even God’s word; my eyes have been opened to be able to see the big picture! My whole life has been spent concerned with my own little biosphere on this planet, and I sometimes get mad at myself for how many things I missed because of it. Oh well, I am not dead yet, so it’s not too late!
When I say the big picture, I am referring to the world and humanity as a whole, and at first it was so overwhelming I became distraught and would yell at my husband, “What does that have to do with preaching the gospel?” I have come to find out it has everything to do with it. Some may say this planet is perishing so how could it possibly have anything to do with it, and in my opinion that is a completely irrelevant statement that I myself have used, not to mention selfish. Another one that really makes my skin crawl, not only when I think of when I used to say it, but when I hear Christians say it in a round-about way, is, ‘Oh we aren’t going to have to deal with none of that, we’ll be raptured before anything gets really hard. That’s the hope we are supposed to encourage each other with.’ I was very clever how I would put it saying, ‘I sure am glad I ain’t gonna be here when that happens!’, in essence saying I don’t care about anyone else.
The excitement about not using my head as a hat rack anymore is that my gracious Father is now able to show me His incredible love and care for creation He is really trying to use us for. To be perfectly honest with you, I see more care and concern for humanity in the secular world than I do amongst the saints. Take all this talk about global warming for example. I am getting ready to start doing some documentaries, and I can hardly wait to see how much the Christian community knows or cares about it. Yes I have heard a lot of the arguments about this planet is self sustaining and it has been all this time. However, as the population grows, and more and more greed infiltrates man’s heart, consumerism is pushed and propagated so hard people are deceived into thinking that having a million things they don’t need is normal, we must face some hard realities that what the scientists are saying just might be true. There is so much media bias on the television now, that unless one has the internet to research out alternative media, it is no wonder we have so many barefoot and pregnant believers out there who basically worship people like Beck and O’Reilly, Hannity, the list goes on. Hell, I was hanging on there every word till like I said the Lord opened my eyes to the big picture.
America has enjoyed many freedoms that a whole bunch of people around the globe can only try to imagine, and for this we should be very grateful to our wonderful God who is the One who has given it to us. The problem with it now is that we have taken it to the extreme man always seems to go and have become arrogant, prideful, selfish, and intolerant. Even worse then that, the religious community is claiming we are a Christian nation, and however anyone feels about President Obama I don’t really care, he is saying we are not, along with others, and now I am understanding why. If we really were, we would stop trying to sin manage the world screaming, ‘My rights, my rights!’ which we don’t really have any in God’s eyes, and start loving on people. I was watching a documentary today, and the guy was talking about how close we are in carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere not being able to be converted, and that unless we get a hold of it, the sustainability of life, i.e. food production and water; will be to the point of no return. Our grain reserves are dangerously low, yes we have those, something I did not know or care about. The springs under the ground are being sucked dry, and the glaciers are melting that provide vital river sources for above ground water provision. I used to say, ‘Oh there they go fear mongering again!’ But people, if you don’t believe it go research it yourself. What would there agenda be for telling people to stop using up all the resources or total hell will break loose? Because they care about humanity maybe? Or maybe they realize something about this gift called a planet that God gave us to take care of that the average Christian quite frankly doesn’t care about because when it gets bad we won’t be here? I know full well this isn’t all there is! However, while we are here, and we don’t know the hour or the day that the Lord will change everything, does that mean we are just supposed to squander with no abandon what He has given us to enjoy in the here and now? Consequentially hurting many thousands of people living in hopeless and helpless conditions as we suck down our Latte’s and skinny carmelMachiado’s?
Look, I have said all that to say this; after the documentary was over, the Lord spoke so clearly to me about these issues with taking better care of this planet. It has to do with loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves. As long as we run around chanting, ‘One nation under God!’, which I do not do anymore; for since the resurrection of Christ, there is every tribe, tongue, nation and peoples in God’s sight, (always has been really), the rest of the world will continue to feel alienated, and separate from us. Really we should not even be called United States of America anymore because we are so divided it is ridiculous; Americafine, but not united! Since God gave us this planet and told us to take care of it, which is what He really meant when He said have dominion over it, not use it up and leave it purple and smoking, wouldn’t that in essence be loving God, and in turn loving our neighbor as ourselves.
I encourage everyone to really pray about this issue, think about how we can get on common ground with the rest of the world instead of looking like a bunch religious bigots! Maybe then we may have real opportunities to be the gospel to people around the world like our Savior; showing them the gospel instead of trying to convince them of it with a bunch of empty words! Isn’t there enough of that going on already?

War Drum!

As the war drums grow louder with each passing day, and I watch the American church valiantly bolster these campaigns based on erroneous end time theology, bad biblical premise, and a poor understanding of what God’s Israel actually entails; my heart grows increasingly sorrowful.
It seems that our modern theologians are afraid to say what was common knowledge prior to the mid 1800’s, and that is, that Israelis out of covenant. Notice I did not say out of God’s plan; I simply said out of covenant. Having chosen the Talmud and the books of the law, rather than a personal relationship with God through the Messiah! And as any good bible student should know, the law will always increase to more lawlessness, violence and war; which of course will be Israel’s plight until the second coming. Make no mistake about it; no amount of military intervention will save them from this plight. To think otherwise is ignorant and presumptuous; not to mention unbiblical.
The American institutional church has taken on a job which is not hers; and those who wave the banner of God and country for the protection of Israeland the kingdom of God will die by the sword with no other reward then the praise of men!
When God destroyed man the first time, it wasn’t because man failed to form a perfect theocracy, democracy, or republic; it was because man failed to love one another; and the thoughts of his heart were filled with wicked violence to the point of bloodshed. So much so, that the Lord was sorry He had made man on the earth, and was grieved in His heart.
God does not change my friends; but the priesthood did change! And all authority has been given to Christ concerning the kingdom of God. And Christ Himself will establish His kingdom apart from man. In short, the battle plan was changed indefinitely for the believer at the cross; so that we can no longer substantiate war campaigns based on Christian ideology. For all has been fulfilled in Christ; the alpha, the omega; the beginning and the end!
Commentary by:
G.L. Miller