War Drum!

As the war drums grow louder with each passing day, and I watch the American church valiantly bolster these campaigns based on erroneous end time theology, bad biblical premise, and a poor understanding of what God’s Israel actually entails; my heart grows increasingly sorrowful.
It seems that our modern theologians are afraid to say what was common knowledge prior to the mid 1800’s, and that is, that Israelis out of covenant. Notice I did not say out of God’s plan; I simply said out of covenant. Having chosen the Talmud and the books of the law, rather than a personal relationship with God through the Messiah! And as any good bible student should know, the law will always increase to more lawlessness, violence and war; which of course will be Israel’s plight until the second coming. Make no mistake about it; no amount of military intervention will save them from this plight. To think otherwise is ignorant and presumptuous; not to mention unbiblical.
The American institutional church has taken on a job which is not hers; and those who wave the banner of God and country for the protection of Israeland the kingdom of God will die by the sword with no other reward then the praise of men!
When God destroyed man the first time, it wasn’t because man failed to form a perfect theocracy, democracy, or republic; it was because man failed to love one another; and the thoughts of his heart were filled with wicked violence to the point of bloodshed. So much so, that the Lord was sorry He had made man on the earth, and was grieved in His heart.
God does not change my friends; but the priesthood did change! And all authority has been given to Christ concerning the kingdom of God. And Christ Himself will establish His kingdom apart from man. In short, the battle plan was changed indefinitely for the believer at the cross; so that we can no longer substantiate war campaigns based on Christian ideology. For all has been fulfilled in Christ; the alpha, the omega; the beginning and the end!
Commentary by:
G.L. Miller

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