Eternal security!

Unfortunately, the common dialogue surrounding the issue of eternal security in this age is that of mediocrity. First we are told that it’s ok for us to agree to disagree in that there are ample scriptures to substantiate both points of view. Then we are told considering the grand scheme of things that this issue is of little importance. That what we must do is to maintain those things, those works which accompany salvation; that we may be sure of our eternal hope. Now while the scriptures do substantiate this train of thought to some degree, the bible by no means establishes anything that even remotely resembles works righteousness. It is either all Christ, or it is nothing. It is either finished, or it is not! These questions cannot be left in the realm of mediocrity. For within the answer to these questions rest the essential truths of the Christian faith.
Here is some food for thought regarding this issue:
The devil is the author of doubt, and doubt produces fear. The bible tells us that one cannot be perfected in love with the presence of fear. So when we teach or preach that it’s possible for one to lose salvation, what are we really creating, and who is the author? Are we not creating doubt, which in turn produces fear; and is the devil himself not the author? Now one may argue that it’s a good thing to examine whether or not we are of the faith, and I would agree; however, it’s an entirely different matter once we are established in Christ to say that we can lose what we have. The apostle Paul did not ask the Corinthians to examine themselves, that they may not lose their salvation; he simply asked them to make sure they had it in the first place.
Authors note:
Adam and Eve were created with spiritual life; so the devils deception concerning them was to create doubt regarding death. We on the other hand, were born spiritually dead, so the devils deception concerning us is to create doubt regarding life. The script has flipped, and the devils tactics have changed. If he can hold our focus on sin, confession, and moral purity, or whether or not we can lose our salvation; he has in affect robbed us of the very thing God intended to give us in Christ; that we would enter His glorious rest!
P.S. Read 1 John 4:17-19 Notice the word torment; and who is known in the bible as the tormentor. You got it! Believe me, if the devil can’t get your soul, he’ll settle for keeping you in a state of un-rest.
Commentary by:
G.L. Miller

2 thoughts on “Eternal security!

  1. Ralph says:

    Spot-on! Big-time like!

  2. Thank you Jesus, and thanks for the encouragement brother Ralph. There is one thing I fear Ralph. As the temperature goes up, I might start coveting your neighborhood more than what is godly…:-) Love you man!

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