Follow Me…And I will make you fishers of men!

My husband and I love to shore fish in Carlsbad, Ca. right off of Pacific Coast Highway. We have been going there for almost ten years. We go with hope that we will catch something, but whether we do or don’t, we simply enjoy sitting in the sun with our poles in the water.
It can be very exciting when we do hook a fish because ocean fish are fighters in some unique ways. The calico bass try to wedge themselves in rocks, so you have to reel them in fast. Once they get to the shore, they just give up and rest until we take the hook out of there mouths, then they bolt! The sand bass are a whole different story. They are pretty tough to reel in; but then when you just about get them to the shore, they bolt with such force as to nearly rip the pole out of your hands! The croakers, (they get that name because when you pull them out of the water they make a croaking sound just like a frog), they just fight the whole time.
Another beautiful thing about our little fishing spot that we love is that we never really know what is going to come out of that water. We have caught baby halibut, crabs, and garfish. Some people have caught huge bat rays and octopus. One just never knows.
I tell this story because once again Poppa used this precious place to teach me about Him and His kingdom. He is the fishing pole and I am the bait. He is my hope and simply enjoys sitting with me in the Son. Sometimes He catches people through me and sometimes He doesn’t, but it makes no difference to Him, He is perfectly content just having me available to Him and for Him. He shows me that people deal with receiving Him in many different ways! Some are fighters until they realize they are caught; then they just give up and rest until He takes the hook out of their mouth and sets them free. Others may fight, then give in, then try and bolt at the last second, then end up surrendering until He takes the hook out their mouth and sets them free as well. Others fight the whole time, but He eventually gets them, then takes the hook out of their mouth and sets them free. Our Father is busy catching all kinds of people, we never know who He will use us to catch.
One thing that He does with everyone He catches is…He takes the hook of sin and death out of their hearts through the blood of His Son and sets them free!

One thought on “Follow Me…And I will make you fishers of men!

  1. Ralph says:

    I simply loved this, Lisa.As you just might know, I'm a fisherman, so I really enjoyed your take on the kind of fish, the way they fight, and the unpredictability of fishing for them. Well done, girl!

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