Christ’s righteousness – Our justification – Our peace!

Unfortunately in many Christian circles, we are taught that Christ’s sacrifice was due to the fact that God could not look upon sin. We are told that we had to be purified by the blood of the Lamb for God’s sake in that He could not except us as we were..unrighteous humans. However the bible does not support this.

The fact of the matter is, that we were not made righteous for God’s sake, we were made righteous for our sake! So that we may draw near to God, unhindered by the shame and guilt experienced through laws we could never thoroughly keep. One quick view of the Old Testament is all one should ever need to see that God did in fact look upon sin. The New Testament is very clear concerning what the law could and could not do. The law could make nothing perfect, and would not allow man to draw near to God.

Subsequent reading:
Heb. 7:11-19; Eph. 2:4-10; Romans 5:1-10

Author’s note:
We were made righteous for our sake, not God’s! And our justification was for our peace, not His! (Isa. 53:5) He really loves us that much!

Commentary by:
G. L. Miller

2 thoughts on “Christ’s righteousness – Our justification – Our peace!

  1. bthom88954 says:

    You couldn't have said it better!! Think about it – if God could not look upon sin and accept us as we were, then why did He take upon Himself to come to us as Jesus in this fallen world? Seems to me He loved the adultress who was about to be stoned, He loved even the Pharisees. He even loved Judas (tho we all know what happened in spite of that). I used to believe that error too that Christ's sacrifice was for God's sake and not our's…and once that happened, then we were "hidden" in Him like God couldn't recognize us so He couldn't find us and be all chapped at us for what sins we did and our ugliness. That is so far from the Truth that it draws out the Joy in my heart to hear you share such good news! You both are truly an amazing example of God's faithfulness to us all. I understand what it means that God's glory is Love. We were transformed by Love and not by human hands nor human efforts. He is who all the glory and thanks go to. Love you both. -Ben

  2. Well praise the Lord Ben. It blesses our hearts to give the saints water, so all glory to Poppa, keep on seeking and resting in His beauty brother. We will have eternity to sing His praise together. Please share with any saints you feel need some water as well. Blessings…G & L

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