Terrorism- It’s definition and the hype!

If we choose not to think, God will allow us to remain ignorant. The skull is not a hat rack, it just happens to house one of our Lord’s most amazing creations..the human brain. And with that said, I think He would be highly honored should we choose to use it. Which brings us to the topic of the day.
The word terrorism is derived from the root word terror, and is defined in Webster’s dictionary like this:
Terror: Intense fear; a person or thing that causes intense fear; the quality of causing dread; terribleness.
Terrorism: A terrorising; use of terror and violence to intimidate, subjugate, etc.; especially as a political weapon or policy; intimidation and subjugation produced in this way.
Upon close examination, we should be able to determine that the word terrorism is more in line with a tactic or strategy than that of motivating factor. For instance, when politicians make statements through the media regarding a war on terror, what they are actually saying is that we are waging war against war. Which of course makes absolutely no sense until you begin to understand the motivation behind the spin. The deception being that as long as we can keep the American people focused on a tactic or strategy, in other words on terror itself; they will not be inclined to examine either parties true motivation for the conflict itself. The real problem with this word game is it’s inherent lack of transparency surrounding motive. Let’s face it, if we the American people are not given by our government through our media ample enough transparency to examine not only the motives of those we are in conflict with, but ours as well, we have nothing. Which is exactly where this whole ideology surrounding the war on terror leads. To nothing!
Authors note:
If you do not believe what you’ve just read, do yourself a favor and the next time you hear someone ask one of our well known media pundants the question, “Why do the people of the middle-east hate America?”, listen carefully and their trifling answers should be enough to bear witness to the fact that most Americans are ignorant to what’s actually going on in the middle-east. Which is exactly what those seeking to gain from this conflict desire. Our ignorance means their survival, so it must be fostered and maintained at all cost. Make no mistake about it, from hasty oil deals amidst regime changes, to multi-national war profiteers and arms dealers, there’s a mountain of wealth being extracted through these conflicts. Do not believe the hype my friends! Follow the money and you will find motive.
He who answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame to him. The first one to plead his cause seems right, until his neighbor comes and examines him. ~ Proverbs 18:13, 17 What these proverbs suggest is that we listen and confirm both sides of a story before making a judgement. Granted, with all the BS going on these days, this is difficult, but not impossible. Nothing is impossible with God; and if you are His, all is yours for the knowing! Please read James 3:13 through 4:4. Sound relevant? You bet.
Commentary by:
G.L. Miller

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