The whole principle behind confession is in identifying unwholesome or unedifying areas in our lives that we may in turn seek God for solutions. I do not regard confession as a New Testament task that we must focus on or else; but rather a life sustaining reality born in the knowledge of the fact that we are actually walking with the Creator of the universe. If we view confession as a task, it becomes just another form of slavery to sin because it can perform no more than the law. It can show us that we are in error, dirty or missing the mark; but confession in and of itself has no power to heal. At least not in terms of our relationship or standing with God.

Authors note:

There is one area where confession does have the power to heal. Unfortunately this area is too often overlooked! It is in regards to our personal relationships with one another; and the topic is transparency. That we would bring our offenses to the table and honestly discuss where we have hurt one another; that we may be healed and seek reconciliation. 

‘Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed.’ ~ James 5:16

Commentary by:

George L. Miller



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