Flee youthful lusts!

Please read II Tim. 2:14-26

I believe we all know this scripture and are aware of the way it is traditionally taught; the subject somehow surrounding sexual immorality, using Joseph and his experience with Potiphar’s wife to substantiate the point; how he ran off and left his coat; hence flee also youthful lusts.

The problem with this interpretation is that this verse has nothing to do with sexual immorality or even sin for that matter. Paul is simply reminding Timothy to avoid religious contention by maintaining some spirit led self-control. In other words, to flee any compulsion that might lead him to argue his case like a young man. Remember Timothy, these men have been taken captive by the enemy to do his will; so you are not battling flesh and blood. The idea here is not to win some fleshly argument, but rather to edify in hopes that they may change their minds concerning their error.

The problem with taking scripture out of context and slinging them wherever they stick is that we lose the power and insight within its original God given context. II Tim. 2:22 deals with one of the hardest subjects we will ever face as christians; which is our ability or lack thereof to remain somewhat self-controlled in the face of those that are clearly destructive to the body of Christ.

Authors note:
Gold and silver represent purely inspired vessels; while wood and clay represent impure and un-inspired. Hymenaeus and Philetus were of the latter having strayed concerning the truth. Lord may we remain always and forever inspired by what you have made us to be. That we may stand in the light of your loving righteousness and not our own; in that we would not be sin conscious, but rather life conscious; rightly dividing the word of truth. God bless you all!

Commentary by:
George L. Miller


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