Something special!

Over the course of the past three years, I have heard quite a few people justify remaining in a building where gross error is blatantly taught. Their justification comes forth in a myriad of explanations which at their core basically say the same thing. That I’m somehow special, and that God is gonna do through me what He was unable to accomplish through you, in terms of ever so gracefully bringing them into a true relationship with Christ. Folks, the gospel is not rocket science. If what we are talking about is not centered in and around the life, death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ; but rather focused on something else, it is most likely error. And to be sure, where error is present, suffering will occur.

I liken those that remain in a building where the pastor has completely lost site of the head, to a man living in the ghetto; that knows all the gangsters by face, as well as the normal folk. When the bullets get to flying, and a baby is knocked out of its crib by a stray bullet across the street in plain sight of this man; and the police come and ask him if he knows who fired that shot, he says “No I do not.” All the while thinking to himself, “Well, none of my kids have been shot yet. I sure don’t want to get caught up in a trial; or have them come and shoot me!” My friends, these people are taking potshots at God’s kids, shall we say nothing?

I know this may sound like a personal attack, and very harsh in content; however, I can assure you it is nowhere near as harsh as the spiritual bondage and demonic oppression this scenario inflicts upon those touched by it. It is my sincere desire that everyone who is even remotely searching for the Lord Jesus will in fact find Him in the beauty of His unfathomable loving grace! As I am only a man, and so speak as a man, and can only accomplish what or what not He accomplishes through me.

Authors note:

Look, the worst thing that could happen to a person for standing up to a clergy gone wild is that they would throw you out of the synagogue. Which in the grand scheme of things would be the best thing that could ever happen to someone in terms of gaining a greater understanding of our precious Lord and Savior. I love you guys!

Commentary by:

George L. Miller