A ministry of death!

Since the beginning of recorded history, law based theology has made the attempt to prove itself on the battlefield. One nation against another, each bringing its most highly esteemed set of principles to bear against another; only to find death in the end; which of course is all the law will ever produce! Sadly, man somehow believing he could actually accomplish in the flesh that which only God Himself can accomplish in the supernatural. This story is as old as the nation of Israel’s first dealings with the Gentiles; yet as new as the way we deal with one another as people or peoples of other nations today.

In order to shed some light on this subject, I believe we need to go back to Gods initial dealings with Israel. Contrary to popular belief, God did not give the law to the nation of Israel so that they could lord over other nations! Nor did he speak or deal with them directly because He loved or esteemed them above other people. God gave them the law and spoke to them directly in hopes that they would be an enlightened generation, which in turn would bring the hope of a living God to the world. Unfortunately they misinterpreted both the meaning and purpose of the law, which by nature jaded their perspective of God Himself. The commandments were not given to make man piously holy! The law was given that Israel would trust God and in turn learn to love others as themselves. Yes, the Lord told Israel about the nations He would possess for them; but in the end they thought they were all that and a bag of chips; and I can assure you that He was not amused.

Authors note:
The Indians used to have a saying before they went into battle; saying to one another, “It’s a good day to die.” I have always loved this statement because for years I lived under extreme violence, and so understand their sentiment. With that said, my question is this: When is the Christian world going to decide that it’s a good day to live? And stop fighting one another over a set of principles that have never, nor will ever possess the power to change the human heart?

Commentary by:
George L. Miller


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